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An end-to-end synthesis method for Korean text-to-speech systems
한국어 text-to-speech(TTS) 시스템을 위한 엔드투엔드 합성 방식 연구
Phonetics Speech Sci. 2018;10(1):39-48.
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Voice quality of normal elderly people after a 3oz water-swallow test: An acoustic analysis
3온스 물 삼킴검사 이후 정상 노년층의 음질 변화: 음향학적 분석
Phonetics Speech Sci. 2018;10(2):69-76.
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A comparative study of the acoustic characteristics of the vowel /a/ between children with spastic and dyskinetic cerebral palsy
경직형과 불수의운동형 뇌성마비아동의 /아/ 모음 음향학적 비교
Phonetics Speech Sci. 2020;12(1):65-74.
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Effects of gender, age, and individual speakers on articulation rate in Seoul Korean spontaneous speech
Phonetics Speech Sci. 2018;10(4):19-29.
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Acoustic analysis of English lexical stress produced by Korean, Japanese and Taiwanese-Chinese speakers
Phonetics Speech Sci. 2018;10(1):15-22.
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A comparison study of the characteristics of pauses and breath groups during paragraph reading for normal female adults with and without voice disorders
정상성인 여성 화자와 음성장애 성인 여성 화자의 문단 낭독 시휴지 및 호흡단락 특성의 비교
Phonetics Speech Sci. 2019;11(4):109-116.
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End-to-end speech recognition models using limited training data
제한된 학습 데이터를 사용하는 End-to-End 음성 인식 모델
Phonetics Speech Sci. 2020;12(4):63-71.
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Effect of semi-occluded vocal tract exercise via telepractice on subjective voice evaluation of early childhood teachers
원격으로 실시한 반폐쇄성도훈련이 영유아 교사의 주관적 음성평가에 미치는 효과
Phonetics Speech Sci. 2021;13(4):67-74.
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A quantitative study on the minimal pair of Korean phonemes: Focused on syllable-initial consonants
한국어 음소 최소대립쌍의 계량언어학적 연구: 초성 자음을 중심으로
Phonetics Speech Sci. 2019;11(1):29-40.
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Performance comparison of various deep neural network architectures using Merlin toolkit for a Korean TTS system
Merlin 툴킷을 이용한 한국어 TTS 시스템의 심층 신경망 구조 성능 비교
Phonetics Speech Sci. 2019;11(2):57-64.
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The effect of articulation therapy using visual phonics to improve the speech intelligibility and vowel space of children with impaired hearing
비주얼파닉스를 활용한 조음중재가 청각장애아동의 말 명료도와 모음공간에 미치는 영향
Phonetics Speech Sci. 2018;10(2):85-96.
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Phonological development of children aged 3 to 7 under the condition of sentence repetition
문장 따라말하기 과제에서 3~7세 아동의 말소리발달
Phonetics Speech Sci. 2020;12(1):85-95.
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Asymmetric effects of speaking rate on the vowel/consonant ratio conditioned by coda voicing in English
Phonetics Speech Sci. 2018;10(2):45-50.
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Articulatory characteristics and variation of Korean laterals
Phonetics Speech Sci. 2019;11(1):19-27.
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Influence of standard Korean and Gyeongsang regional dialect on the pronunciation of English vowels
표준어와 경상 지역 방언의 한국어 모음 발음에 따른 영어 모음 발음의 영향에 대한 연구
Phonetics Speech Sci. 2021;13(4):1-7.
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Building a Korean conversational speech database in the emergency medical domain
응급의료 영역 한국어 음성대화 데이터베이스 구축
Phonetics Speech Sci. 2020;12(4):81-90.
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The implementation of Korean adult’s optimal formant setting by Praat scripting
성인 포먼트 측정에서의 최적 세팅 구현: Praat software와 관련하여
Phonetics Speech Sci. 2019;11(4):97-108.
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The relationship between vowel production and proficiency levels in L2 English produced by Korean EFL learners
Phonetics Speech Sci. 2019;11(2):1-13.
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End-to-end non-autoregressive fast text-to-speech
End-to-end 비자기회귀식 가속 음성합성기
Phonetics Speech Sci. 2021;13(4):47-53.
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Cognitive abilities and speakers’ adaptation of a new acoustic form: A case of a /o/-raising in Seoul Korean
Phonetics Speech Sci. 2018;10(3):1-8.
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