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Phonetics and Speech Sciences. Vol. 10, No. 2, 2018

Acoustic analysis of Korean trisyllabic words produced by English and Korean speakers
Phonetics Speech Sci. 2018;10(2):1-6.
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A corpus-based study on the effects of voicing and gender on American English Fricatives
성대진동 및 성별이 미국영어 마찰음에 미치는 효과에 관한 코퍼스 기반 연구
Phonetics Speech Sci. 2018;10(2):7-14.
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Acoustic parameters that differentiate /o/ from /u/ in Seoul Korean
서울말 /ㅗ/와 /ㅜ/를 구별하는 음향변수
Phonetics Speech Sci. 2018;10(2):15-24.
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Phonological processes of vowels from orthographic to pronounced words in the Buckeye Corpus by sex and age groups
Phonetics Speech Sci. 2018;10(2):25-31.
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The perception of clear and casual English speech under different speed conditions
다른 발화 속도의 또렷한 음성과 대화체로 발화한 영어문장 인지
Phonetics Speech Sci. 2018;10(2):33-37.
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An analysis of English pronunciation for high-level proficiency adult learners
발음 숙련도 상위 성인 학습자들의 영어 발음에 대한 분석
Phonetics Speech Sci. 2018;10(2):39-44.
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Asymmetric effects of speaking rate on the vowel/consonant ratio conditioned by coda voicing in English
Phonetics Speech Sci. 2018;10(2):45-50.
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Communication Disorders
Korean first graders’ word decoding skills, phonological awareness, rapid automatized naming, and letter knowledge with/without developmental dyslexia
초등 1학년 발달성 난독 아동의 낱말 해독, 음운인식, 빠른 이름대기, 자소 지식
Phonetics Speech Sci. 2018;10(2):51-60.
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Performance in a phonological deletion awareness task according to age and gender : Development of a phonological awareness screening test for preschool children
연령과 성에 따른 음운인식 탈락과제 수행력 : 학령전기 아동을 위한 음운인식 선별검사 개발
Phonetics Speech Sci. 2018;10(2):61-68.
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Voice quality of normal elderly people after a 3oz water-swallow test: An acoustic analysis
3온스 물 삼킴검사 이후 정상 노년층의 음질 변화: 음향학적 분석
Phonetics Speech Sci. 2018;10(2):69-76.
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Characteristics of voice quality on clear versus casual speech in individuals with Parkinson’s disease
명료발화와 보통발화에서 파킨슨병환자 음성의 켑스트럼 및 스펙트럼 분석
Phonetics Speech Sci. 2018;10(2):77-84.
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The effect of articulation therapy using visual phonics to improve the speech intelligibility and vowel space of children with impaired hearing
비주얼파닉스를 활용한 조음중재가 청각장애아동의 말 명료도와 모음공간에 미치는 영향
Phonetics Speech Sci. 2018;10(2):85-96.
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