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Phonetics and Speech Sciences. Vol. 13, No. 1, 2021

Lexico-semantic interactions during the visual and spoken recognition of homonymous Korean Eojeols
한국어 시·청각 동음동철이의 어절 재인에 나타나는 어휘-의미 상호작용
Phonetics Speech Sci. 2021;13(1):1-15.
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An analysis of listening errors by Korean EFL learners from self-paced passage dictation
Phonetics Speech Sci. 2021;13(1):17-24.
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Perception and production of English fricatives by Chinese learners of English: Error patterns and perception-production relationship
Phonetics Speech Sci. 2021;13(1):25-36.
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Age and gender differences in the spectral characteristics of Korean sibilants
Phonetics Speech Sci. 2021;13(1):37-44.
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Speech Engineering
Hyperparameter experiments on end-to-end automatic speech recognition
Phonetics Speech Sci. 2021;13(1):45-51.
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Speech Disorders
The influences of speech rate, utterance length and sentence complexity of disfluency in preschool children who stutter and children who do not stutter
문장 따라말하기에서 말속도, 발화길이 및 통사적 복잡성에 따른 말더듬 아동과 일반아동의 비유창성 비교
Phonetics Speech Sci. 2021;13(1):53-64.
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Acoustic features of diphthongs produced by children with speech sound disorders
말소리장애 아동이 산출한 이중모음의 음향학적 특성
Phonetics Speech Sci. 2021;13(1):65-72.
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Change in lip movement during speech by aging: Based on a double vowel
노화에 따른 발화 시 입술움직임의 변화: 이중모음을 중심으로
Phonetics Speech Sci. 2021;13(1):73-79.
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